Student SIM Offer

Buy a Student SIM or upgrade your SIM from any of our Digicel stores or our direct sales team for $5. Opt in to the student plan of $10 and get 10GB + 100 SMS + 100 Min valid for 7 days.

Only 1 SIM per student will allocated and every purchase of this SIM will required a Student ID.

Launch Date: 7th January 2022

End Date: TBC

1.    Who is eligible for this offer?

Student Prepaid Customers Only.


2.    Where is this offer available?

Offer is available on the *123# and MyDigicel App under “Data plan”


3.    How can the plan be activated?

The plan can be activate via *123# or MyDigicel App. This will under “Data plan.”


4.    What other information do I need to know about Student SIM Bundle Plan?

There will be 3 bundles allotment that customer will receive once they purchase the Student Bundle plan on *123# and MyDigicel App;


➝ 10GB – Data bundle for any internet usage

➝ 100 SMS – Text SMS from Digi to Digi (On-net)

➝ 100Minutes – Local voice call from Digi to Digi (On-net)

➝ 7 days Validity

5.    How do I check the remaining data balance for my Student Bundle Plan?

You can check your data bundle balance on MyDigicel App.


6.    Do these plans auto-renew?

Yes, auto-renew plan is allowed if customers choose to purchase their plan with auto-renew.


7.    Can these plans be gifted?

No, Gifting are not allowed for this plan.


8.    Is multiple opt in allowed?

No, because if there is Any unused bundle, it will removed and only awarded the bundle for their 2nd OPT IN.