Rates (PGK) 
Calls Digicel to Digicel  0.80/ Minute
Calls to local fixed line  1.00/ Minute
Calls to other local operator mobile   1.00/ Minute
SMS  0.25/ SMS
Data  0.30/ MB

* Peak hours fall between 5am - 10:59pm weekdays


Local Off-Peak Hour Rates.

Destination   Rates (PGK)
Calls Digicel to Digicel    0.40/ Minute 
Calls to local fixed line   1.00/ Minute
Calls to other local operator mobile   1.00/ Minute
SMS Digicel to Digicel  0.25/ SMS
SMS to other local operator mobile  0.30/ SMS
Data  0.30/ MB

* Off - Peak Hours fall between 11pm - 4:59am weeknights/ weekends.


Prepaid International Rates

Zone                         Rate/ Minute  (peak hour)                             Rate/ Minute      (Off-peak hours & weekends)        Countries/ Zone
PGK 1.48 PGK 0.99 Australia, Bangladesh, China, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka & USA.
1 Promo  NA PGK 0.79 Same as above
2 PGK 1.75 PGK 1.75 Rest of the world
3 PGK 3.00 PGK 3.00 Solomon Islands, Cuba, Guinea Republic, Norfolk Island, Congo, DRP, San Marino, Togo, Niue, Falkland Islands, Latvia
4 PGK 5.00 PGK 5.00 Ascension, East Timor, Guinea Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe, Seychelles.
5 PGK 30.00 PGK 30.00 Iridium, Inmarsat, Ico, Ellipso, Globalstar codes of satellite numbers


Roaming Rates
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