Frequently Asked Questions

Home Internet Router Promotion

Digicel has launched a new promotion for Home Internet Routers for a discounted price, preloaded with a FREE 7Day 50GB bundle. Customers who purchase this device will have access to special home internet package at lower prices.  

It will start on October 7, 2022 while stocks last. 

Be guided by the following mechanics.


Step 1: Customer purchase a new home and internet router from a Digicel Flagship Store, preloaded with 50GB bundle for 7Days. A SIM is included in the box.

Step 2: SIM is registered and activated in the device, enabling the free preloaded bundle. 

Step 3: Use the instruction booklet in the box to power up and set up the router before connecting other devices.

Step 4: To access more home internet package, dial *777# to Gift a Plan and select option 2 for Gift Router Plan.    

The promotion price of the router is only K199.00

See below for details.


Use below step with an alternative mobile number to Gift Router Plans to the device. 


Step 1: Dial *777#

Step 2: Choose option 3 for Gift A Plan.

Step 3: Choose option 2 to Gift Router Plans.

Step 4: Enter the routers mobile number and send.

Step 5: Plans are visible only to whitelisted SIMs.

Step 6: Activate plan and await SMS confirmation to proceed.

Both parties will receive an SMS confirmation. Sample messages are below.


SMS to sender: "You have successfully gifted EXAMPLE Plan to 6757XXXXXX. Click here (p.mydigicel.net) to buy any update or 1TOK Plans."

SMS to router mobile number: "Dear customer, you have received EXAMPLE Plan from 6757XXXXXX. To check balance, click here (hmydigicel.net) or Dial *130#."


You can also confirm the purchase by calling Customer Care.


Be connected to it first before you check the balance using an IP address unique to the device. 

No, they are only accessable via *777#.

Yes, but this applies to the purchase of any normal Data and SMS bundles only.

The product is available for purchase from the following Digicel Flagship stores (subject to change).


Yes, a SIM is included in the box when the device is purchased. 

Yes, but you will need to provide a valid ID for the SIM activated in the Device.

No, they are open for normal data use i.e browsing, online gaming, social media, etc. 


No, they do not auto-renew.

No, but they can be gifted from an alternative mobile number to router SIM's included in this promotion.

You can connect up to 20 devices.

No, the SIM in the router can only be used for Data and SMS.