Home & Entertainment Bundle.



Digicel customers will now be able to buy and have access to data & TV bundles at lower prices, all in one location.

The new bundle offers will be available as of May 27, 2022.

Refer to the following mechanics below:


i. New customers can purchase a new Digicel router and Playbox from any Digicel flagship.

ii. Exsisting TV customers with a Playbox cn purchase a router or vise versa from any Digicel flagship. 

iii. Customer takes product(s) home to setup and calls 1515 to provide his/her Playbox number and the routers MSISDN number to TV Customer Care to complete the registration process. 

iv. TV/ Data plans (Combo) are only for 14Days and 30Days validity.    



When a customer buys a router and a Playbox (DTT only) at the Digicel HQ then they will be intouched K199 for the Playbox and K249 for the Router. But if they prefer the Playbox only than the normal prize of K299 will apply. 


Price of the Playbox and router at any of the other flagships remain unchanged at K299 for Playbox and K249 for the router.  

Upon purchase the customer will be given a free SIM to be used on the router.

Upon purchase, the customer can take the product home, set it up and then call the TV customer care team on 1515 to register.   

Upon purchase, the customer would be required to register the SIM Card for the router at the retail outlet. Then take the product home, set it up and then call the TV customer care team on 1515 to regiter the router mobile number.   

This product is currently being sold in Port Moresby and is only available at the 7 Flagships shops. 


Upon purchase, the customer can take the product(s) home, set it up and then call the TV Customer Care team on 1515 to register the Playbox number and or router mobile number.    

It depends if that router number is tied to that Playbox or not.. If it is tied to it than it can work and if it dosen't then it won't..

Yes, it will work for now but later on we will deactivate that option.

Dail *515# and follow the prompts to activate a TV plan, data-only plan or combo plan (data + TV bundle).

No, you can only buy a 14Day and 30Day Combo Plan (TV/ Data).

You will have to buy a standalone data plan or upgrade your combo plan to a 30Day plan.

No, these plans are only accessible via *515# and on a REGISTERED SIM. 

No, the channel allocation for the special TV Plans will depend on the region you are located in as well as the type of Playbox you have. (Refer to point 6)

Upon purchase of the router, a retail agent will assist customers to activate and register the router's SIM in a seperate handset. User must provide valid ID to register. 

Yes, however, you will need to provide a valid ID, your Playbox number at HQ only. 

No, the router is used seperatly. 

Upon purchase, you will receive an SMS confirmation message that will be sent to the mobile number that did the purchase.


Sample Message: " ^PLAN_NAME^ has ^DATA_SIZE/ TV PLAN VALIDITY^ remaining, expires in ^EXPIRY_DATE_TIME^. Dial *515# to enjoy more data & TV offers." 


Alternatively, you can also confirm the purchase by calling customer care.   

No, the data bundles offered are open for normal data use i.e. browsing, online gaming, social media, etc.  

No, rollover does not apply to this plans.

No, these plans do not auto renew.

No, gifting is not applicable to these plans. 

No, it would not.

No, there are no welcome plans for new customers.