Digicel Rewards


Frequently Asked Questions.

Digicel is now offering it's customer rewards for their service, the longer the stay and more active a customer is the more rewards are given. 

A Loyalty Point is the unit given to a customer who makes Top Up of K3 or more. The more they Top Up, the more Points given, table below; 


Currently, points can be used to redeem airtime (credit), Bonus Credit, Data plans, Voice plans, and !TOK plans. More options will be available in the future as the service expands.

Yes, all Prepaid subscribers are eligible to participate. 

Once a year, you can earn anniversary points on the day you had activated your SIM. The longer your stay, the more points earned:

Digicel Rewards

Loyalty Point balance is displayed each time you earn a point as well as in the rewards menu when you text 'Redeem" to 162121.


If you already entered the redeem service dial *151# to check your point balance. 

Yes, Loyalty Points will expire 30 days after being issued.  

No, earn points can only be used for SIM it was earned on. 

No, only recharge eanr points.

Top Up method includes:

* Flex card (voucher recharge)

* BSP (Credit)

* Digicel Diaspora Voucher Top Up credit

* MM Top Up

* Telepin EVD (Credit)     

* Telepin NMB Top Up

* BSP Digicel Mobile Top Up (Credit)

* Digicel Diaspora online Top Up Credit - Ezetop

* Westpac Top Up (Credit) 

* Kina Bank Top Up (Credit)