Frequently Asked Questions.

Smartphone users who activate any 1Day K3 and K5 1TOK Prime Bundles will now receive a FREE DigicelTV Entertainment Pass valid for 24hrs. Users who have activate a 1Day K8, K10 and K15 1TOK Prime Bundles will receive a FREE DigicelTV Premium Pass valid for 24hrs. 

Find below data allocation as follows.

data allocation

Offer starts from x December, 2021 (00:00:00hrs) and is on-going.

You can buy these plans by dialing *675# (option 1) OR from MyDigicel App, under the "Plans & Bundles" menu.

Upon activation of your 1TOK plan, an activation SMS notification will confirm access as below.


Your 'PLAN_NAME' is ready, PLUS you get 1Day FREE Entertainment/ Premium Pass to watch MORE TV on DigicelTV. Offer expires with 1TOK plan in 24hrs. 

a. You will be able to view all 16 channels via the DigicelTV App when you purchase a 1Day K3 or K5 1TOK.

   See list channels below:


b. You will be able to view all 27 channels via the DigicelTV app when you purchase a 1Day K8, K10 or K15 1TOK.

   See list of channels below:


Like all free digital data bundles, the free DigicelTV pass will expire when your 1TOK plan expires.  

To check your digital data balance dial *130# (option 4), or use MyDigicel App. 


Pop-up notification:

Click to visit MyDigicel app to view your applications data balance. http: //mydigicel.net. 

Note: only the free App Store bundles are accessible through option 1 (Data Balance). 

Digicel Prepaid users only.