Smart Home


Monitor your home anytime, anywhere with the NEW Digicel SmartHOME Security Solution.

The new world-class technology allows you to view live camera feeds, arm, or disarm your home right from your smartphones. Plus real time alerts provides 24/7 security and peace of mind, as if you’re always home.   






Smart Home Bundle Smart Home Basic Smart Home Pro
Mobile App Yes Yes
Unwired Data 500GB 1024GB
Wi-Fi Extender 1 1
Gateway 1 1
Door/ Window Sensors 2 2
Motion Sensiors 1 1
Key Fob 1 1
Camera 4 4
Monitoring No Yes
Cost/Month $65 $100




Smart Home Kit - $1,000 Installation Fee

Includes 1 motion sensor, 1 unwired modem/ Plan, 1 Gateway, 1 WiFi-Extender, 2 Door/ Window contact & 1 Key Fob






Add on Devices

Price (FJD)

Remote Key Fob
Mini Door/ Window Sensor

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1.    What is Digicel’s SmartHOME Solution?

a. Digicel’s SmartHOME Solution provides you with the ability to secure, manage and monitor your home using the latest technology. You can view live camera feeds, arm or disarm your home, and always be aware of the status of your home with real time alerts on your smartphone. With Digicel’s SmartHOME Solution you can enjoy a sense of security whether inside or outside.

2.    Who is eligible for this service?

a. New and existing Unwired customers, SmartHOME can be added onto your current Unwired, Triple Play and All In home package for an additional fee.

3.    Can I request additional devices? 

a. Yes, you can add devices as required to completely outfit your home.

4.    Is there an installation fee?

a. Yes, installation fee of $1,000. 

5.    What are the specifications of the camera?

The camera allows for real-time video streaming in 1080p resolution. The camera has a day/night functionality with an infrared lighting for capturing images in various lighting scenarios. Infrared (IR) lighting range is 20m, and can be turned on or off.  This camera is connected via Wi-Fi. 

6.    How do the motion sensors work?

The motion sensors are indoor devices, they sense infrared heat energy emitted by living things. Once armed, if any movement is detected within range, the unit notifies the user via the app and triggers the siren. IR Distance – 500m in open air

7.    How do the door contacts work?

This two-piece system requires no wires and can be used on windows and doors. When the doors or windows open and closed, the magnetic contacts signal your gateway to alert you. 

8.    How do I go about changing batteries in the various sensors?

Fortunately, the battery has a really long lifespan 2 to 5 years, depending on device and usage, in the unfortunate event that your battery dies, once made aware, Digicel will ensure a technician is sent to your home to make the relevant changes. There is no truck roll fee to replace batteries for devices. 

9.    What is the installation process? 

The install process is relatively quick, and does not require much additional wiring in your home. After the sales process is complete, we will call you to schedule on a day and time most convenient to you. Our technicians will best guide your decision on where to place your devices to get the most out of your system.  Once the devices are installed, they will get you set up on the app where you can monitor your SmartHOME service anywhere, at any time! 

10.    How do I arm the system?

The System can be armed in two modes, “Away” and “Stay”. These modes can be activated via the App or the Key Fob 

11.    What are the Stay and Away Modes used for?

Arm Away – Use Away Mode when you are leaving the premises and want the entire home protected in your absence.

Arm Stay – Use Stay Mode when you are staying in the premises and want the perimeter protected while allowing you to move around inside without setting off the alarm.  This gives you peace of mind even when you are home.

Disarm – Only intrusion/burglary sensors such as doors, windows and motion sensors are disarmed. 


12.    How do I disarm the system? 

The system can be disarmed from the app by selecting the “Disarm” option. 

13.    What does the bypass option do?

Bypassing a sensor allows users to bypass, or open, selected sensors while the system is armed. 

Example: if a user’s doors and windows are monitored and the user wants to open a kitchen window, but does not want to bypass all sensors in the system, the user can bypass the kitchen window sensor and then open the kitchen window without causing an alarm. When a customer arms stay the indoor motion sensors will automatically be bypassed to allow people to move freely inside the house while the doors and windows etc are still armed

14.    How do I view my camera feed?

From the app the customer can select the camera icon to view the camera feeds. 

15.    How can I reduce the sensitivity of my camera’s motion detection?

If customers wish to reduce the sensitivity of their cameras:

Reducing sensitivity ensures greater motion is required to for a clip to be recorded or notification to be triggered. 

➝Click Settings 

➝Select Motion and Events

➝Adjust the Motion Slider until you get the desired outcome

In addition, you can shade a particular region to detect motion and exclude certain areas that may trigger the sensors such as trees or shrubs.

16.    Can multiple persons have access to the App? 

Yes, multiple persons can have access to the app as you desire. Different user access levels are also available. Simply add the email address of the person to the app and an email invitation will be sent to them.

17.    Can I use the app while on a data connection outside of Fiji?

Yes, with Digicel SmartHOME  you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world once you have your smartphone, the SmartHOME app and an internet connection.


18.    What to do if my phone has been stolen or lost?

The app can be accessed by entering an email and password. You can download the app on additional devices and access it with your login credentials. 

19.    What devices are being Monitored by the Alarm Monitoring Center?

Gateway, Door /Window Contacts and Motion Sensors

20. Is emergency response available? 

Yes 24/7 public response services are available at no additional cost (police/fire/ambulance). Private response monitoring is also available at an additional cost with our response partners 

21.    What occurs if my camera is stolen? 

Recordings are stored in the cloud and each clip can be downloaded from the app as well. 

22.    Can I use my existing camera to integrate with Digicel’s SmartHOME?

No, the Digicel SmartHOME system is only compatible with Digicel SmartHOME cameras.

23.    How do I pay my SmartHOME bill?

All existing payment methods available for Unwired are available for SmartHOME.  SmartHOME is simply an additional service to your existing Digicel Home & Entertainment account and will be reflected on your monthly bill under “other products and services”. 

24.    What happens if I pay my Unwired bill but not my SmartHOME bill.

The bill is combined. If the full payment is not made for both services the entire account will be disconnected for non-payment.

25.    Is there a warranty on my devices?

Yes, customers will be provided with 6 months warranty on all base devices within the package. Add On devices have 6 months warranty from installation. 


Devices will have a 6-month warranty from the date of the installation. 

26.    Why do I need an additional contract if I am already a Unwired Customer?

SmartHOME is a different service from your current Home & Entertainment service and as such there are separate contract terms and conditions that govern the service. It also requires new equipment and a new installation and therefore the customer is obligated to keep the service for at minimum 24 months.

27.    Is there a limit to the number of devices I can add on or cameras? 

No, You can request no more than 10 cameras.


28.    Who monitors my camera system?

The customer alone has access to monitor and receive notifications concerning their camera system. Once there is a service alert concerning the functionality of the camera the customer can call in to Digicel Customer care to have a technician visit or call. 

29.    Is there a minimum requirement of broadband speed for SmartHOME cameras?

The maximum IP Camera Bandwidth requirement 1080p is 4Mbps per camera. All H&E broadband packages are enabled to support SmartHOME cameras. 


30.    How do I set up home automations?

a. Go to the CUE automations part of your app

b. Follow the 3 step process to set up an automation

i. Trigger - an event that causes an automation to run

ii. Action - an event you would like to perform when the trigger occurs

iii. Condition - an optional setting that ensures that your automation only runs during the times you want


31.    How do I pair with Alexa or Google Assistant? 

a. Go to menu

b. Select Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

c. Follow the instructions to set up.

33.    What are the requirements for install? 

Customer must have the Unwired broadband services

➝Cameras can only be installed at a maximum of 10ft from a power source

➝In order to install a smart light switch, the customer must have a neutral wire and either Incandescent, fluorescent or LED bulbs.

➝To install a Floodlight, 120V power must be available at the point you wish to install the Floodlight. 

➝A smart phone to install the app

➝Identify areas where customer would like the devices to be installed.  E.g. Doors, camera location, motion sensor location

➝A password and passcode that can be remembered easily for setting up your account in the app and responding to the monitoring center. 

34.    What happens when I change my Wi-Fi password?

Everything, except your cameras, continues to work if you change your Wi-Fi password. Cameras can be re-connected to the system by following the in app instructions. Go to your devices list in the app and select each camera to update the Wi-FI network. 


35.    Who do I reach out to for help with my SmartHOME system?

Customers can reach Digicel Smart Home Customer Care via the below media:

a. Email:

b. Live chat (Digicel Website or MyDigicel App)

c. Phone: 123 or 7003123 


36.    What happens in the event my alarm is triggered? 

In the event that an alarm is triggered – The security response protocol is initiated, this begins with a phone call to the primary contact from the Alarm Monitoring Center to ensure that everything is okay, once all is well, there is no further action. If you are unable the answer your phone the Alarm Monitoring Center will attempt to make contact with your listed alternative contact numbers before dispatching the relevant response team. (Available with Smart home plus only)