Unwired Double Data Deals

Get DOUBLE DATA on the purchase of Unwired Dynamic 500 plan at $49.95 via MyDigicel App.

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Start Date: 9th September, 2022

End Date: 30th September, 2022

1.    How much data am I allocated on this Plan?

Plan : Dynamic 500 : 850GB Anytime and 150GB streaming data valid for 30 days.

2.    Does the data rollover?

No, the data does not rollover and data will expire in 30 days.

3.    When does the Promotion end?

Promotion ends on September 30, 2022

4.    Where can I make payments?
At any Digicel Outlet or MyCash or any payment option provided by Digicel.

5.    Can anyone outside of the whitelist be given the double data?

No, only Dynamic customers are eligible for this offer who optin to Dynamic 500 Plan.


6.    Will I be receiving double data in my next payment?

After 30th September, normal data allocation resumes.


7.    Can any other plan apart from Dynamic 500 be eligible?

No, this ATL offer is only for the Dynamic 500 customers.


8.    Can I make a payment at a third party outlet?

Yes you can but customers are strongly advised to make payment at our Retail outlets.


9.    Can staff apply for this promotion?

No, they cannot, unless they have a non-staff account that is part of the whitelist.


10.    Can I still top up if I run out of data?

Yes, you can.