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BSP to Digicel MyCash transfers has more than doubled

BSP to Digicel MyCash transfers has more than doubled

Suva, Fiji – Thursday 21st April 2022. A collaborative effort between Digicel and the BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) has enabled their mutual customers to benefit from the added convenience of funding their MyCash mobile wallets directly from their BSP accounts using an EasyCard or using any Bank’s VISA badged Debit or Credit cards.

Digicel Fiji CEO, Farid Mohammed, has confirmed that since Digicel implemented BSP’s Internet Payment Gateway, they have seen transaction volumes double clearly demonstrating that if given the choice, their MyCash customers would rather avoid long queues and top up their mobile wallets using either their EasyCard or any Bank’s VISA badged Debit or Credit card.

“We are excited by the positive response from our customers taking up this new digital payment option and enjoying the benefit it offers, in terms of time and cost savings as they don’t need to travel to top up their MyCash balances”.

According to Digicel, the online payment portal backed by BSP has also attracted non BSP customers who carry a VISA badged debit or credit card.

“It’s encouraging to receive these customers who clearly demand convenience and secure online transactions to complete a routine transaction such as topping up their MyCash mobile wallets. We are grateful to BSP for this latest development in our longstanding partnership that has enabled us to serve our mutual customers better,” said Farid.

BSP Country Head, Haroon Ali said, “This collaboration with Digicel and other IPG merchants empowers Fijians to participate in this new emerging eCommerce market.  Allowing MyCash customers to top up their balances directly from their bank accounts using an EasyCard or any Bank’s VISA badged Debit or Credit card demolishes the barrier for them to ride this wave of change.  We remain open to opportunities with other stakeholders hoping to deliver the same convenience to their customers.”

This year, in line with its digital objective, BSP rolled out an internet payment gateway that has been adopted by online businesses wishing to modify their customer offering by enhancing their digital payment acceptance capabilities to also accommodate EasyCard and any Bank’s VISA Debit or Credit card customers.

MyCash is a mobile wallet that gives Fijians access to digital money which they can then use to conduct any of the following, from anywhere and anytime:

•              send and receive money anywhere in Fiji with no fees

•              shop with contactless payment using QR scan & pay

•              buy recharge or data bundles online

•              pay bills for themselves or their family.

Customers need to visit the Digicel Selfcare portal on here and sign up for an account before they can top up their MyCash mobile wallet. For more information, visit the Digicel Fiji Facebook page or website.





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