Out Of Bundle Rate and Charge

The Out Of Bundle rate has decreased from $0.05 to $0.01 per Megabyte (MB) for our Digicel Prepaid users, Tourist SIMs and My Home Plan Customers. Out Of Bundle rate will be charged to customers once bundle data is fully exhausted.

1.    What is the Out Of Bundle rate for Digicel Prepaid Customers?

$0.01 per megabyte (MB).


2.    What should I do to avoid my purchased credit from being deducted after using my data bundles?

Customers will receive an SMS stating that they have fully exhausted their data bundle and will need to stop browsing and turn their mobile data off.


3.    If my mobile data is on and I stopped browsing, will it still deduct my purchased credit?

Yes, purchased credit will still be deducted because some applications might be running in the background.


4.    Is there a way for me to opt out of using the Out Of Bundle rate?

Yes, customers will receive a SMS which will allow them to opt out of using Out Of Bundle rate. Once they choose this option, it will not allow the customer to browse unless he/she opts into a new bundle or opts into use of the new and reduced Out Of Bundle rate.


5.    Is the changes done for only Prepaid Customers?



6.    Do I need to select that option to opt out of using Out of Bundle rate for browsing every time my data is finished?

No, a Whitelisted Customer will be given the option only one time and their chosen option will be applied every time their data bundle expires.