Receive Money and More with MyCash


Have your loved ones send you $100 or more directly into your MyCash wallets and you receive 7GB FREE anytime data, unlimited Digicel to Digicel calls and 20 minutes Free International Talk Time valid for 7 days.

1.    Anyone receiving remittance of $100 FJD or more via MyCash will receive 7GB Anytime Data, Unlimited Digicel to Digicel Calls and 20 Minutes International Talk time valid for 7 Days.

2.    This offer is available to Digicel Prepaid customers.

3.    20 Minutes International talk time is for Band 1&2 Countries only:- Australia, New Zealand ,USA, Canada, China ,South Korea, India, UK, Japan, Malaysia, Tonga, Vanuatu, Samoa, PNG & Nauru. 


1.    What is the validity for the Bonus Bundles?

7GB Anytime Data, 20 Minutes International talk time and unlimited Digicel to Digicel Calls is valid for 7 Days.


2.    When does the promotion end?

The promotion ends on 31 December, 2022.

3.    Will a postpaid subscriber receive Bonus Bundle upon $100 or more remittance?

No, this offer is only available for prepaid customers.

4.    How Can I Download the MyCash App?

You can download the MyCash App via your Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

5.    I do not have a smartphone. Can I still take part in this promotion?

Yes, you can. Simply dial *888# to access the USSD menu and access the options.

6.    Do I need to register for MyCash services?

If you are an existing user or former Digicel Mobile Money User, simply log into the MyCash App with your registered phone number and 4-digit PIN code.

7.    How do I register for MyCash?

·    Download the MyCash app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. If you have a feature phone dial *888# to access the USSD menu.

·    Enter your registered phone number, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Occupation, and Address.

·    If you are a new user, you will receive a SMS message with a 6-digit verification code to enter in the MyCash app.

·    You will receive a welcome message and a temporary PIN (personal identification number) via SMS in your phone.

·    Log into the MyCash app using the temporary PIN and you will be prompted to enter a new 4-digit PIN.

·    You’re now set to start using your MyCash mobile wallet! Visit your nearest Digicel Store or MyCash Agent to add funds and start using your wallet.

8.    How do I send money to another MyCash users (person-to-person or P2P)?

You can send money by selecting the ‘Send Money’ and entering the phone number of the person you are sending money to; or by scanning the user’s QR Code by selecting the ‘Pay’ option on your App home screen. If you do not have access to a smart phone, you can dial *888# for the Send Money option.


9.    How do I cash in or load money into my MyCash mobile wallet?

There are a few ways you can load money into your MyCash mobile wallet:

·    You can visit any Digicel Store or MyCash Agent to deposit money into your mobile wallet.

·    Another way you can load money is by receiving international remittance from your friends and family based overseas. Our International Remittance or Money Send. Partners include:

i.    Digicel International

ii.    World Remit

iii.    Remitly

iv.    Rocket Remit

10.    How many times can I enter this promotion?

There is no limit to the number of transactions.

11.    Where can I get myself a Digicel SIM?

You can get a Digicel Sim from your nearest Digicel Retail Store and Dealer.